Carrand Squeegee & Accessories

Your car can have a sleek contour, a shiny paint finish, and an attractive set of tires. But if your windows are full of grime, then your car would still be an eyesore. If you want your windows to look spotless, you should clean them regularly. After cleaning, you still need to use the proper wiping materials to buff out that extra shine. You can't rely on worn out rags to do this, you'll need a tool specifically designed to clean your windows: the Carrand Squeegee.

The Carrand Squeegee is a cleaning tool that comes with a flat rubber blade, which is used to control the flow of liquid in your windows. After applying the cleaning solution to your windows, this squeegee is used to draw the solution off your windows. It's made of a double wrap nylon netting for maximum durability. It is also easy to use because it features a grip-tech ergonomic handle and a soft silicon slopping. This allows you to have a firm and non-slippery grip on the squeegee.

The Carrand Squeegee offers more compared to other squeegees in the market. It features an EPDM blade, a heavy-duty sponge, and a perma-net locking system. These features extend the squeegee's net life and prevent foam deterioration. It also comes with a plastic side guard that protects your car's windows from scratches coming from the braces of the squeegee. More importantly, it dries your car three times faster than rags, towels, and other wiping materials. With all these features, cleaning your windows can be done effectively and easily. If you want a new Carrand Squeegee, you can get it right here at Parts Train.

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