Carrand Spray Nozzle & Accessories

After a long trek, your car deserves a good wash. Bringing it to the nearest car wash is a good option, but what if you're tight on your budget? In this case, you need an alternative to help you with such hitch. Well, a spray nozzle is an option. Designed to connect with the water hose, the spray nozzle aims to evenly distribute liquid in your automobile. It can help you get your car cleaned in just a matter of minutes. However, you shouldn't just buy the average spray nozzle. You may end up short-changed and disappointed in the end. What you need is a capable and high-quailty spray nozzle—the Carrand Spray Nozzle.

Unlike other spray nozzles, the Carrand Spray Nozzle features a soft-insulated cushioned grip. This feature allows you to have a firm hold on it. It also protects your hands from extreme temperatures given off by the nozzle itself and the hose. The Carrand Spray Nozzle also provides an on/off adjustable flow, which lets you regulate the amount of liquid that comes out of it. In addition, a lock clip for a continuous spray also comes as a special feature of this tool.

Moreover, this power spray nozzle can be attached to any standard hose product, so mounting it isn't a problem at all. No need to worry, too, about the hose fitting when it's the Carrand Spray Nozzle you're using. More importantly, all of its functions make it perfect for washing and rinsing the body of your automobile so, indeed, the Carrand Spray Nozzle is one nifty item for keeps. With it, the experience of cleaning your car is just like going to the car wash, but, well, minus the large expenditures. Now how about that for practicality?

Parts Train offers the premium-grade Carrand Spray Nozzle at a pocket-friendly price. Showcased with it in our expansive online catalog are quality hose nozzles, soap dispensers, and pewter nozzles, all of which may be helpful in washing your car. To order such items, simply browse our online catalog and choose the product you need. Giving your car a quality clean doesn't mean you have to frequent the carwash. With a Carrand Spray Nozzle, it's actually the same thing—at a cheaper rate, that is! So don't delay; get one now, only from Parts Train.