Carrand Sponge & Accessories

For your car to be in its top form, sufficient care and attention is needed. Failure to do so heavily decreases its looks and performance. One way to take good care of your automobile is by providing it the regular cleaning it needs. It may be quite a boring task, but it remains a must if you really want your car to have a healthy look, spick and span and all. In cleaning, we tend to use tattered cloths and sponges. Very comfortable, if we must say. But then using worn-out sponges wouldn't make cleaning much easier since some stains might be left unattended. What you actually need is a versatile cleaning sponge—the Carrand Sponge.

Improvement and innovation is what Carrand is all about. These attributes are manifested in the way its products, say, its sponges, are designed. Unlike other sponges, the Carrand Sponge is extra absorbent and is very much capable of rubbing off those hard-to-remove stains. This sponge is crafted from materials housed in nylon netting, which allows the sponge added durability. This design helps, too, in easily removing dirt particles, bugs, tarts, and other solid particles from your car's surface. The Carrand Sponge's durable makeup makes it usable for a long period of time. And that means some money-saving for you.

Moreover, the Carrand Sponge is available in different designs. Whether you prefer a nylon sponge or a microfiber one, our site has it in store for you. Our microfiber sponges are made from 80 percent polyester and 20 percent polyamide materials. They also serve dual purposes since these sponges are effective in both washing and drying.

To purchase a Carrand Sponge, simply browse our online directory. Parts Train has this product in bulk. All our Carrand sponges are in premium-grade condition, too. We also offer great discounts for every purchase. Most importantly, the items showcased in our expansive online catalog are genuine products, so you're guaranteed of only the best quality. Cleaning your car regularly can be fun. All you have to do is purchase the right materials. So what are you waiting for? Get the Carrand Sponge now only here from Parts Train!