Carrand Polishing Cloth & Accessories

There's nothing better than having your car sport a stylishly suave look. It defines its character, thus making a statement on the road. That's why it's essential to maintain its spotlessness. And to do just that, you need to have your car cleaned regularly. But it shouldn't stop there. After cleaning, it should be swabbed with an appropriate cloth to keep it sleek and shiny. The fact is, there's only a few cleaning materials that can actually provide such service effectively. And one of them is the Carrand Polishing Cloth.

Carrand is known as a premier manufacturer of cleaning solution products. Its reputation is built on its well-crafted products, like the Carrand Polishing Cloth. Compared to other rags and cloths, this microfiber suede polish is a lot more absorbent, which is ideal for cleaning those hard-to-remove stains. It's also washable and reusable, which makes it less expensive—but, of course, still much useful.

The Carrand Polishing Cloth is super soft, which makes it the perfect material if you want to add final cleaning touches to your car's exterior. It's also hemmed for added durability. This versatile polishing cloth is made to work best in exterior buffing, but it can also provide extreme cleaning to your interior surfaces as well. All these features assure you of a quality cloth that's a cut way above the rest. So replacing those worn-out rags wouldn't be such a hard thing to do now with this polishing cloth at your disposal.

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