Carrand Oscillating Fan & Accessories

At any given time, some parts of your automobile can break down. It can be the engine, the exhaust, or even your air conditioning system. And when your air conditioning system acts up, say, when you're in the middle of the road, it can really be such a hassle. In cases like this, an oscillating fan might come in handy. But then, in looking for oscillating fans, you mustn't just settle for ordinary ones, which can't provide that breezy comfort you need. If it's a high-performance fan you want, then the Carrand Oscillating Fan is the right item for you.

Carrand is an industry leader that manufactures car care products and accessories that promote function and comfort. The brand's business principle is focused on improvement and innovation, which is much evident in the designs the company makes. For instance, those of its oscillating fans. A Carrand Oscillating Fan comes with a 6-inch plastic blade for superior fan power. These blades are enclosed in 60 wire cage leads, which, acting like a screen, provide much needed protection for the blades. This 12-volt oscillating fan can swing up to 90 degrees with 8 present options. This design enables the fan, too, to have more versatility in its movement, covering much more space.

The Carrand Oscillating Fan also comes with an on-off inline switch along with an accessory outlet plug. These added features boost this fan's user-friendliness. The Carrand Oscillating Fan is compatible with different vehicle models. So whether you have a sedan, a truck, or a jeep, this fan is sure to fit in.

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