Carrand Mud Guard Lock & Accessories

Whenever you hit the road, you can never be completely assured that you won't get a flat tire. That's why it pays to have a spare tire. But what'll protect your spare tire? This is where the mud guard comes in. It protects your spare tire from mud, dirt, and other unwanted sediments that the road can throw on it. However, you still need to have it equipped with a mud guard lock for complete protection. Because a mud guard isn't enough, Parts Train offers you the best complementary accessory for your mud guard: the Carrand Mud Guard Lock.

The Carrand Mud Guard Lock is a locking mechanism for your mud guard. It gives you superior durability because it's made from topnotch materials that are resistant to rust and corrosion. This locking system is designed to combat harsh weather conditions and extreme ultraviolet rays, guaranteeing superior performance anytime and anywhere. It also gives you security with a 2 1/2-inch shackle that locks your mud guard for protection. To install, you simply coil the locking mechanism around your mud guard and fasten the lock. With this lock attached to your mud guard, you can say goodbye to mud, dirt, and grime. Aside from all its features and benefits, the accessory also comes from a proven manufacturer.

For over two decades, Carrand has been one of the top manufacturers of auto products and accessories. In the last three years, Carrand has developed over 50 new and innovative products. All Carrand products exude function and quality, which you can definitely see in the Carrand Mud Guard Lock. You can find this mud guard locking system at the online store that makes shopping fast and convenient—Parts Train.

Parts Train offers you Carrand mud guard locks and other Carrand products at pocket-friendly prices. To order this product, just key in your car's make, model, and year in our user-friendly browser, then you'll get access to our extensive catalog of cleaning products. Having a spare tire can save you from a world of trouble, so you better make sure it's protected with a Carrand Mud Guard Lock. Get one from Parts Train now, because a mud guard just isn't enough.