Carrand Gloves & Accessories

If you're a true-blue auto enthusiast, you know there's no greater feeling than the bliss of getting your hands dirty in the garage. But, of course, before getting down to some garage endeavors, laying your hands on those greasy tools, wouldn't it be wise to wear a pair of gloves first? Unfortunately, most stock gloves aren't much of a help because, more often than not, they rip easily. Plus, some gloves fit badly and slip off without warning. So it's really quite a feat to find some sturdy gloves. But then Carrand is always up for the challenge. Presenting the Carrand Gloves!

Carrand is a top provider of cleaning solutions in the automotive market. This is clear, for instance, in the way its team of experts designs its latex disposable gloves. Carrand Gloves feature beaded cuffs that help keep the gloves in position, preventing them from slipping or sliding out from active working hands. These gloves are also crafted with special texturing, found on the glove's palm and fingers, which then provides a tight yet natural grip. This makeup assures you, too, that the gloves won't get ripped that easily.

Carrand Gloves also contain powder compounds that make it easy for each glove to slip on and off. You don't even have to worry about fitting because the gloves come in various sizes. Plus, they come in stylish colors: white and blue. These skin nitrile gloves are made specifically for heavy-duty work, making them perfect for garage junkies like you. So whether you're changing brake pads or replacing a flat tire, you can't go wrong with a pair of Carrand Gloves.

If you're interested in this tough set of gloves, well, you're in the right place. Our site offers a wide variety of these gator-skin nitrile gloves, all in superb quality. To order your pair, simply browse our online catalog and get the chance to have great bargains for your purchase. Working like an engaged mechanic isn't a problem anymore. Just make sure you know what to do, and be geared with a pair of Carrand Gloves. Get it now only from Parts Train!