Carrand Detail Brush & Accessories

If you think your car has already been cleaned thoroughly, think again. It may still have dirt, mud, and other stains in the interior. If unattended, all that filth can creep into the auto body, which will cause rust and corrosion. So before that happens, use a detail brush to clean those hard-to-reach areas in the interior. When looking for a detail brush, you shouldn't settle for the ordinary. You need to have the best detail brush in the market: the Carrand Detail Brush.

The Carrand Detail Brush is made with a flared bristle, which is designed to clean carpets, seat covers, and other auto upholstery. Aside from interior cleaning, this detail brush can also be used to clean the car body, the bumper, and even the wheels. For convenient use, it comes with a gripping TPR handle that provides a firm and non-slippery hold on the brush pole.

The Carrand Detail Brush has three varieties that are specifically designed for certain areas of your car. All these brushes (nylon, tough brass, and stainless steel) are designed with an ergonomically designed handle and brush head. This design allows your thumb and finger to apply extra pressure on the brushes for a better clean. If you want to get those hard-to-reach areas, the soft nylon brush is the one for you. On the other hand, the tough brass brush is made especially to clean electrical parts like your spark plugs and your battery. Lastly, the stainless steel scratch brush works best for rust removal on the car body.

Now, you can throw away your ordinary brushes because the Carrand Detail Brush has everything that you need. To order one, just check out our online catalog. Parts Train offers you these detail brushes at affordable prices. Aside from our deluxe brush pack that contains a complete set of Carrand detail brushes, we also have a grip tech interior brush and a 2-in-1 electrostatic detail brush. So, have you double-checked if your car is really clean? Well, with a Carrand Detail Brush, you don't have to. This cleaning accessory makes sure that your car is clean inside and outside. With that, you can now say that your car is thoroughly clean. Get the Carrand Detail Brush today from Parts Train!