Carrand Chamois & Accessories

It's no secret that every motorist wants his car to look clean and polished all the time. But wanting it is one thing; doing it is another. So to keep the spotlessness of your automobile, it's a must to have it cleaned religiously. But you probably won't like the idea. You know, the whole cleaning routine may seem really tiresome since you need to wash and wipe, wash and wipe again and again. Worse, being stuck with a worn-out rag won't make your life any easier. In such cases, using a chamois can really help. A chamois, by the way, is used to absorb water after washing the surface of a vehicle. And if you're looking for a chamois that does that function to perfection, the Carrand Chamois is what you need.

Carrand has been known in the industry for manufacturing topnotch car care products and materials for over two decades. This, at the very least, is clearly seen in its line of chamois. The Carrand Chamois features unique properties that allow it to absorb up to six times its own weight. This extra-absorbent feature saves you time in wiping your car's surface dry. This chamois can also provide a streak-free finish, which awards your car that long-lasting shiny look. It doesn't only work best for your car's finish, though. The Carrand Chamois can also be used in polishing glass windows, different furniture items, and even silver items.

The Carrand Chamois is quite a revolutionary item. You see, it's made of polyvinyl fibers that use air-spun technology. With such exceptional feature, it becomes easier to do the cleaning of your car. You might even end up enjoying it. And that's not bad at all. Isn't it that regular cleaning is, after all, a must?

The Carrand Chamois is available here at Parts Train. Our site offers it in huge quantities and at affordable rates. To order one, check our online catalog and choose from our collection of high-quality chamois and other Carrand products. Achieving a brand-new look for your automobile is definitely possible; you don't even have to spend huge bucks for it. All you need to do is clean your car with a Carrand Chamois and it's good to go. So what are you waiting for? Get one now!