Carrand Bucket & Accessories

Let's face it—the bucket is probably the most overlooked car-cleaning product. Car owners would rather spend their money for other car care products and accessories. But whether you like it or not, the bucket is an essential cleaning accessory. So if your bucket is already incapable of transporting water from point A to point B, it's high time you have it replaced. In picking a replacement, you shouldn't settle for the average. After all, you wouldn't want those run-of-the-mill buckets that'll crack after a month's use. What you need is something more reliable; what you need is the Carrand Bucket from Parts Train.

The Carrand Bucket is made of sturdy molded 9-quart plastic materials. These materials are carefully engineered to assure you of quality that lasts. Worried about dislodged handles? Don't be. This bucket is equipped with a durable steel handle that won't break, even when the bucket carries heavy loads. The Carrand Bucket is perfect for car cleaning, as well as window washing. Just use it with your squeegee, and your windows will be looking spick and span in no time. This handy accessory comes from a leading developer of cleaning products: Carrand.

Innovation and improvement are two guiding principles of the Carrand brand. For over two decades, this brand has been one of the top manufacturers of car care products and accessories. The company prides itself for manufacturing over 200 cleaning products, each stamped with the highest standard of quality and comfort. The Carrand Bucket preserves this firm tradition of excellence. It's no doubt that cleaning your car will be much easier and more effective if you have the Carrand Bucket to help you.

You won't easily find a Carrand Bucket in local auto shops and retailers. Fortunately, Parts Train offers you an extensive catalog of Carrand cleaning products, including the Carrand Bucket. This product is now available at our website for a price that's not too hard on the wallet. To order this product, simply browse our online catalog and select the Carrand Bucket. Remember, don't overlook the basics—whether you like it or not, you need a bucket for your car cleaning duties. So why not get the best one in the market? You can get the Carrand Bucket today at Parts Train—where online shopping is made easy!