CVJ Car Parts & Accessories

When it comes to automotive axles and power steering rack pinion, CVJ Axles Inc. is the name to trust. This company was established in 1986 in Denver Colorado with a simple purpose of filling the customer's need for quality remanufactured Front Wheel Drive axles within Denver area. Because of its high quality and friendly service, the company has managed to expand not only geographically, but also in its product lines. People behind the company have been very careful in its growth and expansion so as not to compromise their service and the quality of CVJ products.

The company pledges to act with trust and honesty in all its transactions not only with customers but also with its suppliers. It promises to meet its client's needs by providing them with quality products, superior customer service, and innovation. All its products are tested using accurate methods like 16 step rack tester, smog tester, and axle testers. CVJ is also very careful in choosing the raw materials to be used in their products. The strict procedures followed by its employees are made by experienced technicians with the help of their degreed engineer.

Today, the company is providing many customers and auto-part suppliers with top-quality axles for various types of vehicles. Yes, even off-road vehicles can now use reliable axles from CVJ. Automotive axles from this manufacturer come with neoprene boots and sport great finish on all surfaces. CVJ's racks and pinions, smog pumps, and hub bearings are also superb because they are outfitted with topnotch o-rings and gaskets to ensure great quality and dependability. The smog pumps, on the other hand, make use of zinc-plated pulleys to stay away from corrosion and they feature only proven and fully-tested electrical components.

CVJ is also very careful in choosing a supplier for their products so you are lucky enough for landing at this site. Our years of experience in the industry make us expert enough in providing you with top of the line auto parts and accessories from world-class manufacturers. We also make it a point that here at Parts Train, you'll have the most satisfying online shopping experience.