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CTEK Chargers

Suddenly running out of battery power when you're driving is not only inconvenient, but also dangerous. When your vehicle abruptly stops on the road, you are at high risk for vehicle collisions. So before you get behind the wheel and start that road trip, reload your vehicle's battery using a CTEK charger. CTEK chargers are some of the most reliable auto battery chargers on the market today.

There are two reasons why CTEK chargers are considered topnotch by many auto enthusiasts. The first is the fact that these chargers don't just replenish the power of your vehicle's battery; they also reload the battery's power supply through a unique process of 8-stage charging. This process ensures that your vehicle's battery is fully charged and completely functional after a recharge period. It might take longer for CTEK chargers to work their magic on your vehicle's battery, but these chargers are guaranteed to give the battery a longer life and more efficient capacities. The second reason many drivers choose CTEK chargers is that they are simple, handy, and safe to use. Yes, regardless of your vehicle type and the level of your auto maintenance know-how, these reverse-polarity and short circuit-proof chargers are designed to make battery charging an easy, no-hassle experience. You can leave these fully automatic chargers unattended while they're hooked up to the battery without worrying about your vehicle's electronic system.

Approved even for outdoor use, CTEK chargers are ideal for most types of lead-acid batteries. Whether your vehicle uses a wet, MF, AGM or GEL lead-acid battery, CTEK has the perfect charger for your needs. The brand offers an all-around, multi-purpose 3300 battery charger and a universal, multi-purpose 7002 battery charger. Both chargers can be used all year round, even in low temperatures. CTEK's 7002 battery charger also allows you to fix the acid stratification that old batteries can have.