CSF Car Parts & Accessories

If there's one company that knows the amount of heat necessary for your engine to work well, it's CSF. It aims to provide vehicle owners like you with the best solution over engine temperature problems. In fact, it manufactures OE and direct-replacement radiators for different types of vehicles. During the past decades, the company has crafted over 10,000 different models of engine cooling system components like radiators, condensers, oil coolers, and heat exchangers not only for the automotive world but also for industrial and marine applications.

At present, CSF products are marketed in more than 60 countries across the globe. The US Aftermarket Division of such company stocks over 1000 models designed to cover more than 2100 applications for virtually all makes and models. Every auto component manufactured by the said company is based on the specifications of individual vehicle model to ensure perfect fit and to carry out more efficient engine heat dissipation. CSF radiators are engineered to the highest specifications. Since they are made to perfectly fit in place of the original, there's no need for you to move fittings, drill extra holes, or stretch out some hoses just to have them properly installed.

Since all its products sport superior quality and accommodates wide range of applications, this company is able to provide customers with overall best value! Besides offering radiators and condensers that are made to meet or exceed original equipment (OE) engineering specifications, CSF also takes pride in having plants or production areas that meet ISO 9000 standards. As if those aren't enough to make you satisfied, the company also offers 2-years limited warranty. Isn't it assurance enough that what you'll be getting is authentic and truly the best value for your hard-earned bucks?

An overheating engine is such a big no for you, right? So if you think your radiator is no longer doing its function well, or if you're a/c condenser has already gone bad, CSF is the brand to trust. Good news! Parts Train is one with the said company in its goal of providing you with the best auto components. Do check out our catalog of parts and be overwhelmed by the number of products we have in stock.