CRP Car Parts & Accessories

Do you know why CRP has been a popular and highly respected brand in the industry? It is because the brand doesn't only focus on its products but also on the people behind every automotive part it develops. The company believes that it is their employees who fill the gap between man and machine, and without them, it wouldn't be as successful as it is these days. Upholding the same principle and values its founder has set since its establishment, CRP is striving so hard to create new relationships, look for industry innovations, and make its premium products so easy for customers to acquire.

The company is originally called Conti Rubber Products Inc., and it was founded in 1954 by Dr. Adam Schildge. It represents the German firm Continental AG in the US marketplace. With its founder doing business with great pride and respect, the company has been able to put great importance on customer service and long-term relationships, which make the company expand and grow into what it is now. CRP is actually made up of three main divisions - Automotive, Industrial, and Perske. Each of these divisions is assigned to make their own product line for a certain market.

The division assigned to the automotive world makes it a point that all its products are made by people with superior product knowledge and dedication to customer satisfaction. It was in 1974 when CRP decided to add new and different automotive products such as axle boot and gasket kits, high-pressure thermoplastic specialty hoses, and many others. This company also takes pride in being awarded with ISO Certification, which means it has met a set of strict standards and requirements. Such certification isn't just focused on the quality of the product but also on how the company monitors and optimizes its tasks and activities.

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