CIPA Bed Extender & Accessories

Your pickup truck is a useful machine when it comes to transporting heavy or large loads. Aside from being equipped with powerful engine parts, the pickup truck can carry heavier and bigger cargo. The spacious cargo compartment is one of your pickup truck's most convenient features. Because of this open-top rear cargo bed, your pickup truck can safely handle bulky loads that regular-sized cars can't accommodate.

However, there are times when the space offered by your truck's cargo bed isn't enough. This usually means having to stack items on top of one another, or even using the tailgate's surface to hold cargo as well. While these are quick fixes to the problem, these alternatives are unsafe for other motorists on the road. You also stand to lose some of your baggage if they fall out of your truck's cargo area. Fortunately, performance parts brand CIPA provides a better solution to inadequate cargo beds: the CIPA bed extender. The bed extender is a truck accessory that allows an increase in the cargo compartment's floor area.

Once installed, a CIPA bed extender adds a second hinged tailgate to your pickup truck. With the supplementary tailgate, you can leave your stock tailgate down and still be assured of your cargo's safety and security. The CIPA bed extender is ideal for accommodating lengthy loads such as kayaks, motor bikes, or even lumber. This functional add-on enhances your pick-up truck's heavy-duty hauling abilities. The CIPA bed extender can also be arranged to confine a specific space in the cargo bed. The bed extender's grille-type walls prevents objects from rolling or moving around, even as you drive on uneven and bumpy roads.

The truck parts and accessories market offers you different types of bed extenders from other brands. Why waste your time with other brands when you can easily buy a high-quality CIPA bed extender? Only bed extenders from CIPA are guaranteed to be durable yet affordable. CIPA assures you with hassle-free installation and mounting for its products, too. If you want more space for your pickup truck's cargo bed, stop by Parts Train today. Our online catalog features a comprehensive selection of CIPA aftermarket products.