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Traversing in the midst of city traffic can be a real headache and could be dangerous as well. If you won't able to clearly see all the angles around your vehicle, you might meet an accident or hit another vehicle while trying to change lanes or making a turn. What you need is an extension of your sight that would enable you to see the things beyond the direction of your vision. Having a reliable mirror that won't deceive your vision is great when negotiating a change in direction and when going through tight corners. And the perfect solution to that is a CIPA mirror.

From the dark ages of rearview mirror technology, CIPA moved it out into our modern time. The CIPA mirrors now embody three traits: functional, stylish and durable. These mirrors are made of tough materials which are proven to last a lifetime. In fact, the CIPA mirrors have been tried and tested to be of the highest quality. The various features of CIPA mirrors such as the extra glass allow you to view almost every detail on the side hind portion of your vehicle. An aerodynamic CIPA mirror is another innovation that can keep wind whistle and vibration to a minimum level, or even eliminate it entirely. There are also great accessories to go along with these mirrors such as shims and tightening knob to guarantee a good fitting with your vehicle.

Since the fast growing trend today is customization, CIPA has also able to come up with custom-made mirrors for different purposes. There are CIPA mirrors that can sense ambient light and automatically switch to dim mode to reduce the glare you get during night driving. There are also CIPA mirrors that include compasses, temperature sensors, map lights and an ice warning system, which flashes when the temperature drops below freezing. Other custom CIPA mirrors available are the CIPA optic custom sport mirror, the CIPA Optic LED signal mirror, the CIPA Optic Glow Mirror, as well as our ever reliable CIPA Truck Mirror.

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