CCI Car Parts & Accessories

Your vehicle, no matter what make or model it is, won't run without its wheels. Hence, it is important that you keep such component in tiptop shape and condition. When the inevitable comes and one of your vehicle's wheels necessitate replacement, make sure that you get it only from a company that can be trusted when it comes to the said auto part. No, you shouldn't be one of those vehicle owners who spend their bucks on overpriced, underperforming replacement wheels that won't last long in service. CCI or Coast to Coast International is the company you can rely on when it comes to automotive wheels and hubcaps.

Despite its humble beginnings of being a small wheel and hubcap store in 1980, the company has managed to prosper. And after years of dedication and hardwork, as well as inventory buying trips and numerous trade shows, it has now become one of the biggest suppliers of factory wheels, wheel parts, and wheel accessories in the country. CCI boasts its massive collection of automotive wheels that makes it capable of meeting the current demand of drivers and vehicle owners in the United States.

Coast to Coast International's parent company called Keystone Automotive Industries has merged with LKQ Corporation. This means, the company now has the ability to locate and ship its products from more than 100 distributions points across the US. At present, CCI takes pride in offering alloy wheels, chrome-cladded wheels, steel wheels, and replica wheels. It also offers center caps, grille overlays, wheel covers, trim accessories, impostor wheel skins, and stainless steel simulators. As if those were not enough, CCI also manufactures door handle covers, mirror covers, tailgate handle covers, and grill inserts, all made up of chrome.

Best is, the company warrants its automotive products to be free of defects either in materials and workmanship especially for the warranty period specified from the installation date. This site takes pride in offering top of the line CCI parts in wide array of choices. With our complete selection, you sure can get here the specific part that matches your needs and your ride's specs.