Bully Dog Waste Gate J-Hook & Accessories

A waste gate J-hook like the Bully Dog waste gate J-hook is a spring and hook mechanism that regulates the function of the waste gate, thereby facilitating efficient engine boost. It helps the waste gate to divert exhaust gases away from the turbine and allows greater flow of air. A waste gate J-hook is commonly found in turbocharged engines. A waste gate is a type of valve that diverts exhaust gases away from the turbine wheel of a turbocharged engine. A turbocharger has a compressor that compresses air before channeling air to the combustion chambers. Compressed air has greater amount of oxygen per unit volume. Consequently, combustion becomes more efficient. On the other hand, the diversion of exhaust gases may cause the turbine to slow down.

Slowing down the turbine will also reduce the compression rate of air in the compressor. However, by preventing exhaust gases from mixing with fresh air, the waste gate effectively delivers the right amount of air for combustion. Primarily, the function of the waste gate is to provide stability in the boost pressure in turbocharger systems. In this manner, the engine and turbocharger mechanisms are protected from being over worked. The waste gate J-hook controls the waste gate valve by allowing the valve to be opened in certain degree to prevent exhaust gases from entering the turbocharger turbine.

There are two types of waste gates, namely, the internal waste gate and the external waste gate. The internal waste gate is an integral part of the turbine housing itself. The actuator of this mechanism is attached to the housing of the compressor with a metal jacket. Typically, flapper valves are used by internal waste gates. On the other hand, an external waste gate is a mechanism that has separate housing. It is a self-contained mechanism used in turbochargers that do not have internal waste gates. Parts Train offers all types of automotive parts and accessories, including waste gates components.