Bully Dog Valve Springs & Accessories

Valve springs such as the Bully Dog valve springs are some of the most delicate components of your automobile engine. If these components become defective, your valves will not properly function. Consequently, the exchange of gases happening in your engine will be severely affected. Proper timing of gas flow may get out of sync with the motion of your pistons. And that's something we don't want. The movement of valves, by the way, is similar to the alternating or reciprocating motion of the pistons. However, the speed rate of a valve in motion is half the speed rate that of a piston sliding up and down in the cylinder. If valve springs aren't functioning well, the opening or closing of the valves may experience delay.

Moving on, valve springs are responsible in keeping valves tightly closed until the cam opens them, a task performed skillfully by the Bully Dog valve springs. Valves are like pistons in terms of motion and structure. However, they're different in function.

Pistons are powered by the explosive gaseous pressure buildup inside the combustion chambers. It's through their motion in which valves derive their mechanical power to control the pressure and gas flow inside the combustion cylinders. Meanwhile, valves rely on valve springs for assistance in their motion. The stress and tensile force stored by these valve springs allow them to return to their original position and shut tightly. In this manner, gas flow, which should be properly timed, is significantly regulated. Any delay or premature flow of gases can have an adverse effect on the process of combustion. Consequently, the mechanical output of the engine may become weak or the engine itself may break down. Yes, they may appear trivial, but that's just how essential valve springs are.

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