Bully Dog Transmission & Accessories

Remember the good ol' arcade racing games? Ever noticed that stick thing you move up and down? That is not a joystick, no matter how much it may look like one. It is an automotive transmission, something that real automobiles need to have. Automotive transmissions are essential to vehicles for two reasons. First, an engine's highest torque output occurs between 600 to 7000 rpm range, which is the typical operating capability of internal combustion engines. But a high torque output is much needed when the vehicle is moving slowly or just beginning to accelerate. Also, an engine cannot operate above a set limit. If the engine operates beyond that limit, it will cause damage to itself or worse, explode. Automotive transmissions control the torque, increasing it when necessary and limiting the output of the engine as well. This ensures that the engine output will not go beyond the said limit. One of the most dependable transmissions available in the market is the Bully Dog transmission.

A Bully Dog transmission effectively improves shifting, making it easier and smoother to change gears. Also, it reduces torque converter and transmission clutch slippage. Bully Dog transmissions are fit for racing and towing applications. Furthermore, they are guaranteed to give unlimited horsepower and mileage during the first year. For further improvements, there are a number of upgrades available, the most popular of which is the Allison Shift Enhancer. Other upgrades include the Bully Dog torque converter and the Bully Dog Rapid Power transmission fluid.

There is no need to worry about the clutch slipping at the most inopportune time if your car uses a Bully Dog transmission. Imagine that happening while you are driving in the middle of the highway. Scary thought, right? But with a transmission from Bully Dog, you are assured of a safe and enjoyable trip. A Bully Dog transmission is easy to install even with just basic hand tools. Like other Bully Dog products, it is made from top-notch materials, thus guaranteed to last a very long time.

If your original transmission begins to malfunction, get a replacement right away. And when choosing the replacement transmission for your car, consider getting a replacement Bully Dog transmission from us. Just browse our catalog and guaranteed, you will not be disappointed.