Bully Dog Torque Converter & Accessories

One of the components in your automatic transmission vehicle that seems to be least understood is the torque converter. Generally, the torque converter is what makes your vehicle's automatic transmission possible. It basically replaces the clutch like the one used in a manual transmission vehicle by allowing your engine to spin fairly independently of the transmission by means of a type of fluid coupling. It also serves a torque multiplier or an extra gear ratio in order to help your vehicle to move from a stop.

With such importance, you should install a high performance torque converter like the Bully Dog torque converter into your vehicle that will contribute a lot to its overall performance. The products that are exclusively manufactured by Bully Dog are crafted using the finest materials in wet clutch to be able to perform like a triple disc along with the dual surface technology. Such technology enables the Bully Dog torque converter to have a billet steel cover that prevents its front cover from flexing and eventually breaking. With no front cover flexing, the torque converter will be able to work more reliably creating more horsepower and torque.

If you want your vehicle to carry out its functions better than it used to be, try having it equipped with a high performance torque converter. Moreover, the use of the said component also increases your vehicle's fuel economy, thus helps you in saving a lot. Here at Parts Train, you can easily find the Bully Dog torque converter in our complete and comprehensive online catalog at a very reasonable price. When have already found your needed product, you can now place your order through our secure online site or by calling our toll free landline that are round the clock. Check it out now!