Bully Dog Harmonic Balancer & Accessories

You may not be driving on the moon's rocky surface, but as roads on earth have their share of occasional road bumps, it is best that your car enjoys a smooth-operating crankshaft. But no matter how smooth this crankshaft's operation is, it is still subject to uncontrolled torsional vibration while doing its work, which is to translate reciprocating linear piston motion into rotation. Torsional vibration, felt most especially while traversing uneven road surfaces, can cause the crankshaft and all its accessories to fail in functioning. Hence, a harmonic balancer comes in handy. A harmonic balancer (likewise known as torsional or vibration damper) is a device attached right to the crankshaft of your vehicle's engine aimed at minimizing torsional vibration. With the need to eliminate the vibration as completely as possible, a well-working harmonic balancer, like the Bully Dog harmonic balancer, is essential to your car.

A product from a brand known for excellent craftsmanship in the automobile world, the Bully Dog harmonic balancer can take its job to the next level as it is an upshot of state-of-the-art technological facilities. It is composed of two elements: the mass element, which opposes the acceleration of the vibration, and the energy-dissipating element, which absorbs the vibrations.

Speaking of vibrations, debates have shaken the importance of the Bully Dog harmonic balancer and all other harmonic balancers from different brands. Some say that the role harmonic balancers play in a car's system is very trivial, that they are unnecessary since they can reduce the quality of engine performance. But others, especially those coming from the race car industry, affirm that they still equip their cars with harmonic balancers for reasons of better drives, safety, and regulations compliance. In addition, majority of modern car manufacturers today include a harmonic balancer in their vehicles as removal of the part nullifies vehicle warranty.

Serving in the industry for years, Parts Train has rallied like-minded customers who can attest to the reliability of its products. Purchasing your needed car stuff here is indeed worth your money, especially since the auto parts that we offer are guaranteed to be branded and genuine. So, for a premium-quality harmonic balancer, the Bully Dog harmonic balancer is our best suggestion! Place your orders now—and if this is your lucky day, you may even get a discounted deal!