Bully Dog Fuel Pump & Accessories

An important part of your vehicle's fuel system is the fuel tank where the fuel is stored until it is used for the operation of your vehicle's engine. You might have wondered how such fuel is pumped from the fuel tank to the engine for combustion process and then delivered under high pressure to the fuel injection or under low pressure to the carburetor. The answer is through another vital part of your fuel system which is the fuel pump. Because of the tough job your fuel pump performs in your vehicle, it is important that you utilize a high performance fuel pump just like the Bully Dog fuel pump.

With the Bully Dog fuel pump installed in your vehicle, you are assured that your automobile's fuel system is functioning at the correct pressure and volume so as to ensure an adequate response to the fuel demands of your vehicle, thus helping you to attain the performance you want. So when you though of replacing the stock fuel pump if your vehicle with the Bully Dog fuel pump, installing it would be very simple and easy for it comes complete with installation instructions to guide you with the whole mounting process and will only require the use of some basic tools. When installing the new component in your vehicle, remember to take all the necessary precaution since fuel fumes are flammable.

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