Bully Dog Exhaust Brake & Accessories

One of the practical safety or precautionary components that you can employ to your high performance vehicle is an exhaust brake that will make your long downhill stretches less hazardous. Vehicles with diesel engine are fairly different than your normal gasoline engine in many ways. One of the distinct differences is that in the diesel engine, there is no real engine braking as soon as the throttle is released, where as gasoline vehicle models, expect otherwise. And because of this, the brakes on your diesel powered vehicle works much harder on the downhill slopes than those of a gasoline vehicle. This largely increases the risk of excessive heat in the brake system that can only easily result to dangerous brake fade.

Along with that comes the importance of exhaust brake that will help solve such problem. In the marketplace today, there are many manufacturers of the said component that comes in various designs, but serves essentially the same functions which is to close off the exhaust path from the engine, causing the exhaust gasses to be compressed into the exhaust manifold, and in the cylinder. Here at Parts Train, we have an extensive line of exhaust brakes and one of the outstanding brands we offer is the Bully Dog exhaust brake.

The Bully Dog exhaust brake is made and designed to address the aforementioned problem, creating backpressure inside the engine in order to slow down your vehicle or putting it to a strop safely, reducing the strain into the brake system specifically on downhill slopes. The exhaust brake valve in your vehicle that is situated behind the turbo is calibrated to open and close along with the throttle, providing the right amount of backpressure when you slow down or halt your vehicle. When the valve is open, it generates no restriction on your vehicle's engine power, letting it to operate the usual way. So if you want to add safety to your driving as well as lengthen the life span of automobile's brake system, install the Bully Dog exhaust brake now.