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The sealing devices found in cars are remarkable. The pieces are so thin, so small, and seem so fragile that it's amazing how these metal fractions can even hold big chunks of engine parts together. Without the set of gaskets, O-rings, and modules in your vehicle, even the most expensive auto parts won't be able to function. It's just like your art project in grade school. How can you construct a stunning collage without the help of a glue stick or glue gun? The papers and pictures won't form a beautiful image if there's no sealing agent to hold them together. To create the most effective automotive sealants, Gunther and Gertrud Bruss put up a company together that is solely focused on producing quality sealing devices for all vehicle makes.

Almost half a century ago, Bruss started the distribution of O-rings using compression machines and with a capital of only 3,500 Euros. But with the hard work of Gunther and Gertrud, the company's profits soon surpassed their starting capital and opened facilities in major locations around the globe. With several offices and plants in almost all of the continents, including facilities in Japan and China, the brand has grown from a small time company operating on meager budget to the leading provider of sealants worldwide.

With a manpower force of 1,500 around the world, Bruss continues to come up with innovative solutions and techniques to make their sealing devices distinct. Having produced and developed an entire line of sealing applications for all engine parts for over 50 years, the company has earned the respect and recognition of other major automotive companies and is regarded as the expert when it comes to sealants.

The brand has five product categories, divided according to the components' functions. The Bruss portfolio consists of cover modules, Mutipole encoder technology, bonded pistons, dynamic sealing systems, and static elastomer gaskets. All categories carry the brand's trusted products and are being shipped worldwide daily. Parts Train is a major distributor of Bruss parts. The brand's high quality is matched with our catalog's affordable price tag, so do your automotive online shopping today here at our website.