Brembo Sport Car Parts & Accessories

Brembo offers a different level of brake system applications considering performance costs and great value. In putting utmost emphasis in giving you your much needed safety in offering highly efficient and responsive braking systems, the company offers different levels of applications. Brembo Sport carries the company's vision for cost effective system and component upgrades as direct replacements to worn and failed original parts. For those seeking top of the line cross-drilled or slotted discs and high performance brake pads, Brembo sport is the name you should remember.

As the key to winning high performance and racing applications, you must equip your ride with top of the line Brembo Sport products for powerful braking performance. Manufactured from high grade compounds and alloy of selected materials for product manufacture, the company maintains the highest levels for quality assurance that provides and aggressive stance in street or racing applications. Their line of high performance braking systems could easily be fitted as they are custom fitted for specific vehicle applications for simple and easy installation.

The brand carries just about everything you need for brake system maintenance. Cross-drilled or slotted rotors are designed for efficient heat dissipation which eliminates heat build-up to withstand the harshest working conditions. They come in bold and attractive anti-corrosive finishes that guarantees product longevity. With high carbon cast iron metallurgy employed in product manufacture, reduced noise and much improved comfort due to higher dampening coefficients are guaranteed. Unique and high grade combinations of durable materials are utilized in the production of brake pads for reliability and strength to sustain high friction and powerful braking performance.

Brembo Sport meets and even exceeds vehicle manufacturers' specifications and tolerances of manufacturing great value brake system and components. Their products are designed and proven to be fully compatible with stock calipers, wheels, and other chassis components. The production process operates an integrated foundry and production process earning the approval of Federal Ministry of Transportation in Germany. Parts train offers excellent value Brembo Sport products as a practical solution to brake system maintenance. Click on our online store to enjoy 24-hour online shopping to complete your automotive needs for your next part replacement.