Brembo Brake Rotor Kit & Accessories

At the outset, braking seems to be a simple action-reaction scheme with a one-two procedure. One, you step on the brake pedal. Two, you expect your car to halt. End. But then again, this process is a little too complicated, like the modern automotive braking system, which is responsible for the whole braking occurrence. Continually enhanced for over 100 years, the braking system is a complex assembly composed of different "pull-over" auto parts: from the more known components like the disk brakes, drum brakes, and calipers to the unsung facets like the return springs and brake pads. From this picture, let's zoom in on one sector of the braking system that proves not to be a push-over in your car's pulling over: the brake rotors. Among the most efficient ones, for your information, are showcased by the Brembo brake rotor kit.

A brake rotor is a disc attached to the wheel and is bound by a brake caliper. In order to fully understand how it works, let's borrow a sound analogy from a particular website. It says that a brake rotor can be likened to the cream—the white part—of an Oreo cookie. Accordingly, the cookies, which sandwich the cream, are the brake pads. Once you apply pressure on your car's break pedal, think of your Oreo cookie being compressed as a hydraulic fluid (brake fluid) is transported to the calipers causing the pads to squeeze the brake rotor. That happens and you get your car to stop.

What if my rotors start showing signs of ineffectiveness? Does that mean that I won't be able to brake down my speeding car? Could be. Very much possible, actually. If your rotors start giving in to the normal wear and tear, it only means that their capacity to handle the high heat that brakes normally generate lessens. And that's where trouble comes in. So before it comes (and we hope not exactly when the next obstacle in front of your car is a wall), better have some trusty replacements in your garage. The Brembo brake rotor kit, remember?

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