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Electricity is one thing man cannot live without. Of course, we can scratch off those who lived in the 1800's or during the medieval age when electricity hasn't made itself known to mankind yet. But after Benjamin Franklin's lightning-powered discovery using his kite invention, electricity has become an indispensable part of man's life. The old stone streets gradually had fewer horse-drawn carriages after electricity was made available cars. With the right mix of gasoline, fuel, and electricity, newer automobiles breezed through the streets. But it was Bougicord that made a difference in the ignition system technology. Electricity fired through an ignition assembly was never the same after the breakthrough invention of this company.

Its mother company, Electrifil, has been around since 1936 before it gave birth to the automotive ignition giant Bougicord in 1957. With the breakthrough invention of suppression cable in 1959, the company started to make a name in the ignition industry. Slowly but surely, the brand continued to make waves and wow automotive experts, especially after it owned the invention of ignition cables. By putting a patent on its wire wound ignition wire technology in 1959, Bougicord became the undisputed leader in ignition components and its mother company Electrifil also gained worldwide recognition as well.

Engine delays and stalling will no longer be a problem for you once you install the Bougicord ignition assembly in your car. The company has a complete line of wire sets, ignition coils, spare parts, ignition cables, and sensors all manufactured using the latest technology. With over 8,000 ignition solutions and 1.5 million ignition wire sets distributed each year, it's no doubt that this brand is already a worldwide leader and having its patented components under your hood will definitely give a huge boost to the performance of your car.

Importing in over 40 countries, the company continues to market its legendary breakthrough inventions through a global channel of distributors. Be a proud owner of Bougicord patented ignition products. Get it from Parts Train at prices that won't burn a hole in your pocket. Don't doubt our low prices because we carry genuine OE and OEM parts so you can be sure of our product quality. Do your online shopping at our website today.