Bosch Oxygen Sensor & Accessories

The fuel efficiency of your vehicle is determined by several factors which can be monitored and controlled. Such factors comprise the fuel and air mixture, ignition timing and temperature, and back pressure. From among these factors, the fuel and air mixture is the most essential. Your engine has an ideal fuel and air mixture ratio and an imbalance in such ratio can result to the inefficiency of fuel combustion. In order for your vehicle's engine to maintain the ideal fuel and air ratio, you should be utilizing a high quality oxygen sensor like the Bosch oxygen sensor.

The high quality Bosch oxygen sensor works to check your vehicle's exhaust stream in order to determine if the fuel mixture is rich or lean. This way, you will be able to have a maintained ideal fuel and air mixture that will contribute to the efficient and smooth operation of the engine. Furthermore, the said product is calibrated to work perfectly and proficiently with your specific vehicle make and model. When the factory oxygen sensor of your vehicle is already malfunctioning and does not accurately provide you determination of an ideal fuel and air mixture, then perhaps it is time for you to replace it with a Bosch oxygen sensor.

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