Borla Y Pipe & Accessories

A car's exhaust system is indeed one of the most important systems in every automobile. This system's main function is to ensure a continued and effective combustion process by removing exhaust gases. Since the exhaust system is one of the most crucial systems in your car, every exhaust component must be kept in good shape. Some of the exhaust system's parts include the catalytic converter, mufflers, and exhaust pipes. Each of these parts has specific functions that help the exhaust system function efficiently. For example, the waste gases are directed away from the engine by the exhaust pipes. These pipes direct waste gases to the catalytic converter, the muffler, and then out to the rear of the vehicle. An example of an exhaust pipe is the Borla Y pipe.

Borla Y pipes come in two types: the Y pipe back dual outlet and the Y pipe back single outlet. The former type is used for speed force racing exhaust systems. This type of Y pipe makes getting the air in and out of the vehicle easier. It also uses a Borla XR1 muffler with 4" stainless tip, and a mandrel bent also made from T-304 stainless steel. On the other hand, the Y pipe back single outlet is used in 3" exhaust systems. In 3" exhaust systems, this type of Y pipe is the starting point in which waste gases go through, and then exit to the left side of the vehicle's bumper.

Every Borla Y pipe is manufactured from T-304 stainless steel. It gives your engine a muscular and distinctive sound—a signature of Borla exhaust systems. The T-304 stainless steel makes Borla Y pipes fit for street, racing, and off-road driving, and is also the reason why the company can confidently guarantee a million-mile warranty.

Products from Borla are guaranteed to last a long time, just like the Borla Y pipe. With Borla products in your exhaust system, you will surely get every penny's worth. The best part is, when you get your Borla Y pipe from Parts Train, you get your products at considerably lower prices compared to other online stores. With our safe and easy-to-use online catalog, getting that Borla Y pipe, or any other car part for that matter, is just a few clicks away.