Borla X Pipe & Accessories

As its name implies, the Borla X pipe is shaped like a capital letter X. It may refer to two things: the entire pipe system that includes the tail pipes and the rest of the pipes connected to the catalytic converter and the connector of this system. However, the Borla X pipe pertaining to the latter is more suitable. X pipes are commonly present in automobiles with dual exhaust pipes. These two exhaust pipes can be arranged parallel to each other and can function better when complemented by this pipe which provides "X"-tra advantage to your car's exhaust system. Basically, an X pipe in your vehicle means a significant reduction of the possibility of backpressure.

By comparison, the X pipe is better than the H pipe as a crossover joint. However, this is not because of the greater airflow allowed by the X pipe. The advantage lies in how the X pipe provides a smoother conduit for the flow of air through the exhaust system. Although in gaseous form, the exhaust gas, which is like a liquid flowing on through the same pipe system, has surface tension. Since the pistons and valves move in reciprocating or alternating motion, the exiting gas creates pulses that alternate back and forth.

Hence, the flow of gases from the engine is continuous and pulsating at the same time. In an automobile with dual exhaust pipes, the separate cylinder banks have difficulty sustaining the combustion cycle because of slower gas velocity. The vacuum force created is less sufficient to draw in fresh air into the combustion chambers during intake stroke. Consequently, this becomes a problem for the engine as it may cause delays in the fuel combustion cycle. However, this setback is effectively solved by installing the Borla X pipe in your car.

And so, if you really want to lower the risk of backpressure that might otherwise hinder a powerful drive, secure a Borla X pipe now. Regardless of the vehicle type or model that you have, Parts Train surely has what you need. Top-quality Borla X pipe replacements are always in our stocks. All you have to do is order. And, of course, we guarantee to deliver.