Borla Down Pipe & Accessories

Producing exhaust system parts that are guaranteed to stand the test of time—that is what the Borla Performance Industries is all about. Borla is one of the most trusted names in the stainless steel performance exhaust parts business. This no longer comes as a surprise since it has established its name in the market for nearly three decades now. One of the impressive products in the company's comprehensive lineup is the Borla down pipe.

Down pipes are susceptible to natural internal and external wear and tear. The former is caused by the harmful gases that destroy metal car parts, while the latter is caused by unwanted substances like corrosive salt, moisture, and dirt. Fortunately for car owners, Borla found a way to solve this problem. Borla exhaust parts are not made from aluminum or mild steel, but aircraft-quality austenitic stainless steel—just like the Borla down pipe. And this is why the company guarantees that it will last for a million miles or more. Since the type of steel that Borla uses is impervious to substances and materials that can cause damage, it makes a Borla down pipe last longer than the average down pipe replacement.

But if you think that durability is the only advantage that a Borla down pipe has over its competitors, you are mistaken. Aside from this, it significantly increases exhaust flow because its design is not as restrictive as those of most stock pipes. You will definitely feel the increase in horsepower and torque when driving a vehicle installed with a Borla down pipe, even after just a couple of miles. Also, your gas mileage will improve, and there will be changes in the exhaust noise as well. You will hear a throaty, growl-like—yet pleasing—sound. Other advantages include easy bolt-on installation and improved engine durability.

You will get the best value in exchange for your hard-earned money if you opt for a Borla down pipe instead of those cheap and substandard down pipes that saturate the local market and most online stores nowadays. If you think of the countless benefits that you can enjoy out of installing Borla exhaust parts, you will be convinced that you definitely have the better end of the deal.