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If you find yourself silently singing "Rock-a-Bye Baby" in your head whenever you're driving your car, then you probably subconsciously know your ride needs a little bit of maintenance check on its lower block. Leave the rollercoaster rides to the carnival. Your car doesn't have to suffer from the impact of road bumps and potholes, and neither should you. So you should never underestimate the power of a quality suspension assembly only Boge can offer. From shocks to engine mounts, the company's rubber-to-metal products are of the highest standards and stays on top of the supplier list when it comes to car suspension.

Any car enthusiast knows the suspension is one of the most crucial mechanisms for the car to run smoothly and without unnecessary movement. Generic suspension parts don't have the ability to dampen impact from uneven road surfaces. You'll be left feeling bruised all over after traversing a rocky terrain. Not only will the excessive movements make you feel carsick and nauseated, but it will also deal damage to the other components found in your car's undercarriage as well. Without the expert suspension help of Boge on your tires, the lower engine block will experience the road impact greatly, paving the way for leaks, dents, or punctured metal.

Since 1931, the European company has steadily gained popularity and a large market share of loyal customers. Passionate car lovers trust only this brand when talking about suspension pieces for their vehicle. The company's product line is worth the investment, especially after it has merged with one of the leading original equipment manufacturers in Europe, Sachs. Bringing together their latest innovations and technological developments from each of their design and engineering team, the company strives to maintain the high quality of breakthrough struts, shocks, clutch kits, and motor mount they're well-known for.

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