Body Armor Winch Plate & Accessories

Going on an off-road adventure with your four-wheel drive? Then you better equip your auto with a winch. A winch is a device that consists of a drum with a cable or rope used for pulling heavy objects. Safety is important when it comes to using winches. That's why you should have a heavy-duty winch plate to provide added support and protection. However, not all winch plates are similar. Aside from differences in vehicle fit, winch plates differ in capacity and specification. Some are made for light pulling, while others can do very heavy pulling jobs. But whatever specification you need, you can't go wrong with a Body Armor Winch Plate.

Body Armor is one of the industry's leading manufacturers of off-road parts and accessories best suited for pickup trucks and SUVs. The company prides itself on how its team of experts engineers its products like the winch plate to stand head and shoulders above the competition. The Body Armor Winch Plate is made from sturdy carbon steel materials that are resistant to distortion and corrosion. For reliable pulling support, this winch plate comes with high-grade steel bolts to keep the winch in place. It also features a foot pattern for most winches with up to 12,000lbs capacity. So whether you're pulling a car or a trailer, trust the Body Armor Winch Plate to perform the job effectively.

As a bonus, installation is also made easy since no drilling is required. The Body Armor Winch Plate is already pre-drilled, so you just need to bolt it on your vehicle's front end with the installation hardware also included in the package. You just have to mount the winch plate on your bumper's mounting flange. If your vehicle's bumper doesn't have a mounting flange, you can just bolt the winch plate together with the bumper on your auto's chassis frame-rails.

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