Body Armor Third Brake Light & Accessories

Your vehicle's movement and direction on the road are reflected by your vehicle's lighting system, which you use to communicate with other drivers. Without these lighting components, driving at night and during low visibility conditions would be a lot riskier and more hazardous. But for improved safety features, vehicles are now being equipped with the third brake light. As it name suggests, it signals to the drivers behind when the vehicle is about to slow down and stop. The only difference is, unlike your regular pair of brake lights, it's mounted on the car's rear deck spoiler or rear window. However, if you own a Jeep or truck loaded with off-road accessories at the back, you might find it hard to position a third brake light. Luckily, there's the Body Armor Third Brake Light kit.

With this light kit, you don't have to worry anymore about your bulky spare tire carrier taking up much of the space at the rear of your auto. The Body Armor Third Brake Light comes with a steel plate bracket long enough to raise the third brake light well above spare tires as huge as 35 inches. Finished with black powder-coat, this steel bracket is supported with a steel backing tube to prevent the third brake light from getting shaken up. You'll find the steel bracket already pre-drilled, so it won't take you long to bolt it on the existing holes of your tailgate.

The Body Armor Third Brake Light kit also comes with a LED light that's DOT-compliant; thus, street-legal. This means you can hit the road with this lighting component without getting pulled over for a ticket. And because it comes from Body Armor, you can be sure of its excellent performance even in extreme road conditions.

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