Body Armor Side Steps & Accessories

You can use various accessories and components to improve your pickup's appearance and performance. For example, a tonneau cover is a must-have because of its protective and aesthetic functions. Bed extenders and truck racks are other vital add-ons that provide more space in your truck. Bumpers and bumper guards are other important accessories that boost your rig's style and protection. These are just some of the more noticeable components in your pickup truck. However, there are other add-ons that your truck can't do without, just like the side steps.

Side steps are the plates below the car door that adds more leverage for the passengers. They are useful especially in pickup trucks with high cabins. Aside from providing an easier access to the cabin, side steps perform other functions that make it an all-around accessory. Side steps also protect the car doors and wheels against road debris. If your side steps aren't durable enough, it could buckle down when you step on it. So if you want a sturdy and stylish set of side steps, the Body Armor Side Steps are for you.

Body Armor is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality parts and accessories for pickup trucks and SUVs. The company's excellence is apparent on how it engineers its products like the side steps. Body Armor Side Steps are made from 2" x 3" tubes narrowed with additional wall kick-out tubes for added protection. With this design, you are assured that these side guards will not let up during rigorous driving. These side steps are available in black and silver finishes. Plus, no drilling is required, allowing you to do an easy bolt-on installation.

This truck accessory is available here at Parts Train. To order the Body Armor Side Steps, simply refer to our online catalog. Choose your truck make, model, and year to access our complete collection of truck and SUV parts and accessories. Because when it comes to different truck parts, you know exactly what accessories your vehicle needs. And you know you definitely need the Body Armor Side Steps. So hurry and get one today.