Body Armor Bumper & Accessories

Anything can happen once you're on the road. It doesn't matter if you're a professional driver or just a beginner; the possibilities of accidents are inevitable. While you can't stop road mishaps from happening, you can equip your car with all the necessary safety features like a bumper. The bumper is considered one of the more essential accessories in your automobile that shields it against low-speed collisions. Also, its aesthetic effect on a vehicle makes it a versatile component.

Not all bumpers are alike. Aside from differences in vehicle fit, bumpers also differ in design and specification to cater to various individual tastes. Some motorists would rather want a muscular look for their cars, while others would prefer a smooth and sleek style. But for any preferences, you can't go wrong with the Body Armor Bumper.

True to its name, this product is an ever-reliable body armor for your vehicle. The Body Armor Bumper is crafted from 3/16 solid sheet aluminum materials welded onto a sturdy wall tube-frame. This makeup enhances the bumper's durability so it could withstand even the toughest road and weather conditions. Standard features of this bumper include headlight brush guards and shackle mounts with a powder-coated D-Ring. Meanwhile, other Body Armor bumpers feature an integral 6061 T-6 aluminum fully welded onto a winch mount plate for better stability. These features add a touch of style that other bumpers cannot provide. In terms of installation, you won't miss a beat. This car bumper comes with an easy bolt-on frame mount. Not to mention that no cutting or drilling is required.

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