Body Armor Car Parts & Accessories

A knight in shining armor image never fails to elicit dreamy sighs and daydreams from women. The feeling of being rescued and protected by a hunky palace knight wearing the toughest armor is just one of the many fantasies women have. Do you want women to fall head over heels in love with you? Well, you don't need to don rock-hard armor and you don't have to be a real knight to sweep women off their feet. All you need is a car in shining armor and women will suddenly act like damsels in distress when around you. For full blast protection and complete body coverage for your car, get only the toughest pieces of armor from a leading brand in the automotive industry. The company name says it all-Body Armor.

Keep in mind to mount only the finest bumper and bumper guards to your ride using quality materials. Doing so will prevent your precious car from getting crushed during head-on collisions. You can also channel your inner knight and complete the whole Body Armor set, mounting protective pieces to your car like side steps and third brake lights. As a leading provider of bumpers and other essential automotive pieces, the company makes sure there are fewer accidents on the highway by manufacturing protective parts made of tough metal and materials. A powder-coated black bumper guard crafted by the company, for instance, guarantees the perfect shield for your car so it can avoid scratches from flying rocks on the road. You can preserve the paint and finish of your ride with the company's bumper and bumper guard assembly.

Body Armor not only coats your car with protection, but it also makes sure other drivers are protected, too. One of its products is the third brake light, a Euro style tail light that alerts the tailing traffic of your next driving maneuvers. Another road essential the company offers are towing hooks and winch plates. Crafted from carbon steel sheet and with a capacity of 12,000 pounds, Body Armor winch plates can be attached to your car's muscled rig easily.

Parts Train boasts of a wide selection of Body Armor car parts that are easy on the pocket. We make sure you'll get maximum savings while obtaining the best parts for your vehicle. Shop from our online catalog today and purchase what you need for optimum car performance.