Blue Print Engine Block & Accessories

The engine is the most important part of your automobile, and equipping it with a Blue Print engine block will surely help it endure extreme conditions. There are small- and big-block engines, sometimes referred to as long- and short-block engines. The big- or long-block engines are usually North American V8s that can displace more than 5.9 liters, while those with smaller displacements fall on the small or short-block engine category. However, this differentiation has already become blurry as small-block engines today can already displace more than seven liters, shelving the big ones for luxury cars and racing applications. It's in this category that the engine block from Blue Print Engines falls under.

A short block that comes as a direct replacement to engines configured with the same block type, the Blue Print engine block has four-bolt mains bored with 0.040-inch holes. This lets you secure the main bearing caps to the block, and thereby give additional support to the main bearings and reduce the crankshaft flex you usually get with two-bolt blocks. Aside from that, this engine block from Blue Print Engines has main bearing bores that are align honed for the precise diameter and shape. It comes with a one-piece rear seal that prevents the oil from leaking through the main bearing cap.

The Blue Print engine block comes with a rotating assembly that's composed of a Scat 4340 forged crankshaft, I-beam rods, Probe flat top forged pistons with Hastings moly rings, cam bearings, and main bearings. All the cylinders in this engine block are sonic tested and honed on computerized machines to reach a 0.0002-inch consistency in the straightness and roundness of the cylinder walls. Plus, it comes already parallel decked, so all cylinders have the same deck height. This Blue Print engine block, however, doesn't come with a cylinder head. If you need to find one, choose a head that matches and supports the following compression ratios: 58 cc/9.87:1, 64 cc/9.27:1, 68 cc/8.91:1, and 76 cc/8.28:1. With this block being a direct replacement for your original equipment, rest assured that its installation is easy and requires no modification at all.