Blue Print Engine Assembly & Accessories

Why endure an underperforming stock engine assembly when you can replace it with the Blue Print engine assembly? The maker of dressed internal combustion machines now brings you Dyno-tested engines that can produce the kind of horsepower, torque, and compression ratio required by your ride. Each engine comes with a full complement of vital components, including the cylinder block, rotating assembly, cylinder heads, camshafts, and the multi-port fuel injection system. All you need to do is install it in place of your gone-bad engine and the four-stroke operation of your car's power plant will surely come back to life.

High-performance cars and light trucks need the Blue Print engine assembly. Blue Print Engines uses top-shelf components from some of the best manufacturers to replace the vital components from the original assembly. This guarantees total performance on the part of the engine assembly. The block comes with two pieces of rear seal and is precision-machined to achieve accurate thickness and bores. The rotating assembly comes with a new Scat forged-steel crankshaft with forged Scat 4340 H-beam connecting rods and 150,000-psi TS rod bolts. The cylinder head, the part where the action is, is an AFR aluminum rectangular port type with screw-in studs and guide plates. It also comes with self-stamped tall aluminum valve covers, polished intake valves, 1.88-inch swirl-polished exhaust valves, hardened push rods, hydraulic roller camshafts, and a roller rocker system that positively locks with its adjusting nuts. Clearly, each engine assembly is built to get the best performance out of your vehicle.

The Blue Print engine assembly is undoubtedly one of the best choices when it comes to replacement engine assemblies. Blue Print has been providing base models, turn-key premium crate engines, and custom performance engines for auto enthusiasts for 20 years now. Having produced over 200,000 replacement engines for cars and light trucks, Blue Print Engines has a proven track record, so you can rest assured when you get a product made by the company. The engine assembly from Blue Print Engines is the result of the company's commitment to producing engine solutions for all needs and budgets. If you're looking for a high-performance engine experience, then an engine assembly from Blue Print should provide a good start.