Blau Car Parts & Accessories

So you take your Audi out for a drive and suddenly, the engine sputters and dies in the middle of the street. Your reliable and pricey car just went dead, and you know it's not the low gas level, because you have enough to last for a few more miles or so. After running a mental maintenance check on your car, you zero in on one possible cause of the problem-that cheap fan clutch you recently bought from a no-name dealer three blocks from your house. Obviously, it turned out to be defective and now your engine overheated. After making a mental note to invest in Blau car parts instead, you dejectedly take your Audi to the nearest repair shop.

Blau is the only brand you should trust when it comes to your Audi. For more than two decades now, the company has been servicing Audi and Volkswagen customers nationwide. As the leading Audi/VW parts specialist, their 15,500 square feet headquarters in Manitowoc, Wisconsin houses a colossal inventory of car parts mostly manufactured in Germany and Europe. With its massive parts selection, the company has become one of the leading automotive supplier to major distribution channels.

To give the best possible service and auto parts to their loyal customers, the Blau team lives by the motto "We Care!" and ensures their every piece is an original equipment manufacturer part. The company aims to supply only improved and updated Audi/VW parts to guarantee your car performs at its best. Generic and cheap auto parts have no place in cars like yours. Maintain the high standards of your hot VW Beetle and rely only on Blau parts to take care of your ride. With a regular routine maintenance check in the company's service facility, the brand makes sure all parts are tested first before being distributed. This meticulous quality check guarantees only the best parts are shipped out from the factory.

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