Black Magic Car Parts & Accessories

Is your car lacking some luster and shine? Is it always covered in dust and has already lost the sparkle it once had during its first years of service? Then it's time to flex your fingers, whip out your wand, and do some Black Magic to your car! No, we're not talking about the dark kind of magic from witches and warlocks. We're talking about a realistic automotive magic you can conjure on your own using specialized car care cleaning agents and auto detailing supplies.

Black Magic, under its parent company Shell Lubricants, offers the best kind of car care products and detailing to your car. You can bring just about any scruffy worn-out vehicle back to its old glory using premium automotive cleaning products under this brand. The company satisfies the craving of auto-obsessed people with its extensive selection of cleaning chemicals. You can restore and revitalize the exterior of your car with the brand's premium wheel cleaners, tire wet sprays, wheel polish, liquid wax, and tire finish. Of course, don't forget your vehicle's interior too. Black Magic not only polishes your car from the outside, but it also makes sure the dashboard and car seats are revived as well. Choose from the brand's Pro-Shine Protectant, 2-in-1 Leather Care Wipes, Natural Finish Protectant, 2-in-1 Leather Care, and Pro-Shine Protectant Wipes.

To protect the interior surfaces of your car from cracking, fading, and drying, Black Magic uses their very own Fadeblok technology in their products. With the Pro-Shine Protectant, the leather lining of your car seat will be preserved and kept free from unwanted fading. Aside from that, you should also add the Protectant Wipes to your regular maintenance routine to achieve intense shine and added protection to the plastic, vinyl, or rubber interior surfaces of your car. To maintain the tip-top shape of your tires and wheels, the brand offers a few tips. Before dressing, pre-clean the tires first and rinse off excess dirt or mud. Apply the desired amount of tire dressing for superior shine. Apply the brand's Tire Wet Spray for an extra dark finish.

Don't let your car lose its sparkle and shine. With a few simple cleaning tricks and a few drops of intense Black Magic, you can easily transform your car back to its shining glory. Parts Train offers this popular car care brand at budget-friendly prices. Shop today and start your own magic!