Bilstein Car Parts & Accessories

Bilstein is an established name which means innovations and high quality since 1873. Talking about expertise, the company's teams of engineers have provided you with top of the line suspension components particularly performance and standards shocks through the years. Covering general automobile, pickups and SUVs, RVs, off-road trucks, circle track or road racing, and street and hot rod applications, they manufacture just the right suspension components that enable your vehicle to follow the course of your driving style with no fail. Top quality suspensions system and components offers practical and highly efficient solutions in optimizing the capacities of your vehicle for high performance as well heavy duty applications.

The company has perfected the design for monotube gas pressure shock absorber which revolutionized the shock absorber industry. They have established worldwide patents over their innovative products and designs applications. They have outfitted the world's top race cars as they have worked closely with Daimler-Benz. After that, that company's shock absorbers and other suspension components has become the standard component on most Mercedes-Benz models until today. Bilstein has also worked with General Motors. Their products have earned recognition as the authorized premium equipment for vehicle suspension. This association blossomed into a very good relationship to where the company has become an OE suspension component provider, especially shock absorbers, for several GM divisions.

Trusted for superior product technology in car suspensions, strict standards to the actual manufacturing process and commitment to quality control is still maintained. 40% of the company's production personnel work for quality control to maintain their advanced technology in ensuring the products performs within excellent technical specifications. Setting high standards on cost effective suspension components and absorbers has long been the company's commitment. Bilstein aims to achieve controlled vehicle stability due to load with innovative designs and continuous effort for product development.

The company has been a unique driving force that applies patented technology in bringing unparalleled suspension performance with cost effective upgrades or replacements. Bringing high performance stance right at your drive way is offered by their durable products that guarantee product longevity and quality. Parts train is a reliable source of Bilstein suspension parts. Enjoy our 24-hour online shopping to get your premium quality suspension components any time and day right at your fingertips.