Better Built Tailgate Protector & Accessories

Pick-up trucks are designed for heavy-duty use, and this is probably the reason you bought one in the first place. Its versatility makes it a very practical choice for a vehicle. Since it's an ideal vehicle for hauling cargo and deliveries, it can be used for business or personal trips. Unfortunately, this also exposes your truck to situations that can cause dents and scratches. For example, when hauling various cargos in the truck bed, it can't be avoided that your cargo will hit the tailgate. Dragging the luggage to the truck bed can scratch the tailgate as well. Unless you don't mind a scratched and dented tailgate, its protection is a must—and this is what a Better Built tailgate protector provides.

A tailgate protector is a thin sheet attached to the inner portion of your tailgate, and is often made from light metal. This shields your truck's tailgate against scratches, dings, and scuffing. There are two kinds of tailgate protector: the full tailgate protector and the ordinary tailgate protector. The full tailgate protector covers the entire inside portion of the tailgate, while the ordinary tailgate protector just covers the top part. That's why the ordinary tailgate protector is often called a tailgate rail cap. A Better Built tailgate protector falls under the former category.

There are two Better Built tailgate protector designs. One is the diamond plate style protector, and the other is the high-grade stainless steel protector. Made from aluminum, the diamond plate tailgate protector has a diamond-patterned design, which is embossed on the protector. On the other hand, the high-grade stainless steel tailgate protector is, of course, made of stainless steel and has a smooth, plain design. However, even with these differences, both styles are parallel in visual appeal. Not only are these tailgate protectors highly dependable, they also look stunning. If you complement them with rail caps and a bed cover with the same design, the result is rather impressive.

Need to install a tailgate protector? There's no better brand to choose than Better Built. The company is committed to manufacturing products that exceeds the expectations of its patrons. So, get yourself a reliable and stylish Better Built tailgate protector at the soonest possible time—and give your truck the protection it needs. For an extensive lineup of Better Built products, simply browse Parts Train's online catalog.