Better Built Tailgate & Accessories

Better Built is a leading manufacturer of different truck accessories such as running boards and toolboxes. This company was acquired by the Daws Manufacturing Company in 1989. Its official name is Betterbuilt Company. Since then, it has diversified its products, although still focusing on the pickup truck. It now manufactures both minor and major truck components. It supplies both the general public and industrial customers. It is one of the major suppliers of truck body components and accessories to some major OE manufacturers. One of its major products is the Better Built tailgate. A tailgate is the cover door of the truck bed of a pickup truck.

Tailgates serve the basic purpose of securing the perimeter of the truck bed so that no cargoes may accidentally slide off the truck bed. Typically, a truck tailgate has latches or lock that close it tightly. Releasing the latches will automatically open the tailgate. Some tailgate designs feature hydraulic struts that support the closing and opening of the tailgate. On the other hand, some designs feature simple chain supports. When the tailgate is opened its inner surface immediately becomes the extension of the truck bed floor. This is especially useful when the load is too long for the standard length of the truck bed.

Truck tailgates are different from SUV tailgates. A truck tailgate has hinges attached to the floor of the truck bed. Hence, it can be opened by pulling the top portion of the tailgate. Opening the truck tailgate also extend the floor area of the truck bed. On the other hand, the tailgate of an SUV can be open by lifting it. Hence, it requires a pair of struts to prop it up. Typically, a truck bed does not have a top cover. Hence, even without opening the tailgate, the truck bed can still be accessed. Here at Parts Train, we offer Better Built tailgates at very reasonable price.