Better Built Storage Box & Accessories

Better Built is one of the most prominent companies that specialize in the manufacture of automotive accessories and products for trucks. Better Built is a well-known manufacturer of running boards and toolboxes. The company also manufactures other minor accessories such as bed mats and bed rail caps. The company also manufactures major aftermarket parts such as tailgates. Better Built supplies both the general public and industrial customers. Its main products are storage boxes and running boards. Better Built storage box refers to various products such as toolbox and specialty boxes. Tool boxes differ in sizes, depending on the types of tools they are designed to contain. These toolboxes have compartments that can accommodate different types of tools such as wrenches, screw drivers and jack.

Better built storage boxes are of two basic types the first type is the toolbox and the second type is the specialty box. The specialty box is similar to the toolbox. The main difference is the purpose of use. The specialty box can be an angler box for fishing tackles and baits. It may have special compartments for the special tools needed. A specialty box may have smaller plastic compartments. For instance, a medical box may need several layers of smaller plastic compartments for pills and other medical supplies. A hunter specialty box is another modified form of box that can be used to carry hunting tools such as guns and ammunitions.

All Better Built storage boxes have security locks that assure that the objects inside the box will not be tampered or stolen. The box is constructed out of stainless steel. It also has automatic latches and spring loaded hinges. The storage box serves the dual purpose of organizing and protecting its contents. If you are looking for reliable and durable storage box, Parts Train is the name to trust.