Better Built Nerf Bars & Accessories

Although Better Built is more well-known for manufacturing running boards, the company also manufactures Nerf bars. Nerf bars serve the same purpose as running boards. Strictly speaking, Nerf bars are not actually bars but rather tubes. Their tubular structure makes them more rigid than running boards. They are also much simpler to install. Nerf bars usually have rubber steps to provide extra traction. The main Purpose of Nerf bars is to provide extra step for taller vehicles such as SUVs and pickup trucks. Passengers who are boarding or un-boarding the vehicle will be provided extra convenience by using Nerf bars. It is easier to board or un-board a tall SUV or truck if it has Nerf bars.

Nerf bars are commonly installed in pairs. Since an SUV or truck has two sets of doors, one for the left side and one for the right side, it is illogical to install only one Nerf bar. It is also aesthetically unsound to install only one Nerf bar when there are two sets of doors. On the other hand, the vehicle will not be very symmetrical if there is only one Nerf bar installed. Structurally speaking, Nerf bars are more rigid that running boards. Running boards, on the other hand, provide greater surface area. However, running boards are more complicated to install.

The rigidness of Nerf bars is not only because of its reinforced tubular structure but also because of the way it is installed. Its under chassis frame is installed much farther directly to the frame of the vehicle. There are also multiple bolts. However, installing a Nerf bar sometimes requires drilling. Most Nerf bars are made from chrome plated stainless steel. The chrome plating does not only provide protection against corrosion, it also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the Nerf bars. Parts Train is a trusted name when it comes to aftermarket automotive accessories like Nerf bars. We provide the best automotive products and services.