Better Built Front Bed Protector & Accessories

Better Built is a well-known company that manufactures accessories and toolboxes for pickup trucks. The company is a major supplier of aftermarket truck accessories and products such as running boards and bed rails. It supplies both the general public and the automobile manufacturing industry. Better Built is well-known for its use of steel and aluminum in its various products. One of the most simple but tough products of Better Built is the Better Built Front Bed Protector. It is a reinforced metal panel with surface ridges. Its main purpose is to protect the front of the bed wall from impact resulting from loose cargoes.

Front bed protectors prevent the front bed wall from being deformed. It would be harder and more expensive to replace a deformed front bed than to install a front bed protector. When your truck is going down a slope, there is a tendency that the loads may become loose and slide. If the load is a heavy trunk, it will surely damage the front bed of your truck if it impacts it. If you have a front bed protector, you may not even need to secure the load using a rope. The front bed protector can withstand multiple impacts. Even when a load is properly secure, it will still impact the front bed every time the vehicle encounters a bump, especially if the load is at close proximity with the front bed.

Front bed protectors are available either in full box design or metal beam design. Full box front bed protectors are ideal if you have toolbox installed on the front bed of your pickup truck. A full box front bed protector can also serve as compartment divider for the truck bed. Even if you do not have a toolbox, the compartment created can serve as repository of tools. Parts Train offers various brands of front bed protector at very affordable price.