Better Built Bed Rails & Accessories

Better Built is a trusted name when it comes to truck accessories, toolboxes, running boards and racks. The company is now presently owned by the Daws Manufacturing Company. The company was acquired in 1989 and since then has specialized in the manufacture of truck-related products. Its official name is Betterbuilt Company. Betterbuilt Company is a well-known manufacturer of truck toolboxes. It supplies both industrial and general public customers. It supplies ready-made products to some automobile manufacturers. It also supplies aftermarket products for the general public. One of its popular aftermarket products is the Better Built bed rails. Better Built bed rails are installed on the walls of the truck bed.

Bed rails are installed to provide extra grip for cargoes and passengers. There are three basic types of bed rails, namely, the tubular bed rail, the slotted bed rail and the flat bed rail. The flat bed rail is the most fundamental because all pickup trucks have the flat bed rail. It is integrated in the manufacture of the truck itself. However, the flat bed rail is not strictly a rail, but rather it is an inward fold from the wall of the truck bed. It typically has welded hooks on it. The hooks are used as attachments for ropes.

The main purpose of bed rails is to provide anchor for cargoes. Ropes are wound around the bed rail structure to secure heavy truck loads such as furniture. Aftermarket bed rails are a bit complicated to install. They require drilling, cutting and even welding. Not all pickup trucks are equipped with ready-made drill holes for installing bed rails. Hence, you may need to drill to provide holes for the bolts. Tubular bed rails are the most versatile bed rails. Other accessories such as side lights can be attached in them. Parts Train is a one-stop online shop where you can find the high-quality aftermarket bed rails.