Better Built Bed Rail Cap & Accessories

Truck bed rails are truck accessories that provide extra grip and security for loads. They also help people in mounting the truck bed. When loading cargoes, the bed rail can also be used as rope anchors. Ropes can be wound around the hooks of the bed rails and around the cargo for more secured arrangement. Bed rails are top of the walls of the truck be. It may have hooks for securing ropes. Bed rails also refer to the tubular rails installed on the bed walls of the truck. Their main function is to provide extra grip for people and loads.

Tubular bed rails are typically bolted or welded on the walls of the truck bed. They can be used as attachment structures for Tonneau covers. Better Built bed rail cap is available in for the tubular bed rail and for the flat bed rail. Bed caps are typically constructed out of fiber glass or other composite materials. Its main purpose is to provide protection against impact. Installing bed rail caps is relatively simple and convenient. It typically does not require drilling, cutting or welding. You simply have to bolt it in place. Bed rail cap can also serve aesthetic purpose. It is available in various color motifs which can enhance or accentuate the paint finish of your vehicle.

Better Built is a company that specializes in the manufacture of truck accessories and toolboxes out of aluminum or steel. However, the Better Built Bed Rail Cap is among of its products that are not made from metal material. Bed rail caps are constructed out of tough but lightweight fiberglass. Unlike metal, fiber glass is not malleable. However, it is flexible enough to withstand the force of impact. Hence, no dent marks are formed even when the bed rail cap receive a blow. Here at Parts Train, we have durable bed rail caps of various brands.